Resource Efficiency Auditing

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Farmers cannot afford to waste money. With the increasing cost of electricity and water, now is the time to look at energy saving opportunities and renewable energy.

What is Involved?

Under the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme, farmers can take advantage of a grant-aided Water and Energy Assessment. Farmers who have a Resource Audit could reduce water and energy costs by 20%.

Plus, if the recommendations of your audit include capital investment, you may be eligible to apply for a Performance Grant.

A Resource Audit (by Promar International) would typically cover:

The cost of the plan is partly funded by the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme. Participating farmers will pay £150 (plus VAT) towards the overall cost.

How to Apply

Steps 1 to 5 typically take up to six weeks to complete. For Step 5, see Grants for further info.


Contact and Register

Call Promar International on 01270 616 800 and register over the phone with a member of the admin team or email – providing your name, address, telephone number, holding number and farm details.

You will be asked if you wish to pay the £150 contribution via a card payment, or alternatively whether you would prefer to wait for an invoice in the post.


Get Allocated

Once registered and the information provided has been entered onto Promar’s database, you will be allocated a consultant / advisor who will telephone to arrange a suitable time to visit.


Advisor Visit

On the day of the visit the consultant will assess your energy and water usage, discuss any potential savings to be made and whether renewable energy is a viable option.


Receive Written Report

From this visit, the advisor will produce a written report to include all recommendations to be made on farm. This report will be issued to you by post (up to) four weeks after the visit.


Apply for a Grant (optional, depending on recommendations in the plan)

Some of these recommendations may be eligible for assistance from a Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme Grant. If such an investment is recommended it will be detailed in the plan and should be used as evidence in your grant application.

See the Grants page for more on how to apply.

It must be noted: If a farmer registers for a plan in a grant deadline month (i.e. March, June, September or December), Promar cannot guarantee that they will have a report ready by the end of that same month to meet the grant application deadline.

Repeat Visits - "Is your plan over 12 months old?"

Promar is now offering Repeat Visits for farms that completed a resource audit over 12 months ago and wish to apply for the new FFIS grant - See HERE for further details