Monitor Farms

Monitor farms are about sharing ideas, they are a focal point for the industry to maximise knowledge and expertise and the North West is at the forefront of the movement in England.

There are six farms. three dairy and three beef and sheep, co-ordinated by Myerscough College, Cumbria Farmer Network and Reaseheath College. Watch the farmers explain a little about the improvements they’re making or visit each farm’s blog page for the latest news.

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Dairy Farms

Hesket Farm, Cumbria

Hesket Farm video preview.

Farmed by Matt and Sue Bland. Mainly all grassland with 25ha (62 ac) of wholecrop. 160 Holstein cows, currently expanding to 300 cows. Key aim to reduce annual overhead costs per litre.

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Mason House Farm, Lancashire

Mason House Farm video preview.

Farmed by the Hartley family. An all grassland farm in a high rainfall area. 140 pedigree Holstein cows milked through two robots and housed all year round.

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Clive Hall Farm, Cheshire

Clive Hall Farm video preview.

Farmed by Phil Asbury. An extensive all grassland farm. 210 Kiwi Friesian Jersey crosses calving in a tight 10 week block between February and March. Key focus is maximum production from grass.

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Beef and Sheep Farms

Fellside House Farm, Cumbria

Fellside House Farm video preview.

Farmed by Ken and Mandy Pears. Typical hill farm with in bye, plus common grazing rights. 50 Limousin x Belgian Blue cows x Limousin bulls, 560 ewes inc. 230 Swaledales. Improving forage production to reduce feed costs.

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Lower Highfield Farm, Lancashire

Lower Highfield Farm video preview.

Farmed by the Sanderson family. All grassland farm, 60 Limousin x and Belgian Blue x suckler cows and 420 breeding ewes. Monitoring the effects of trace elements on lamb growth rates, grassland improvement and utilisation.

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Langford Farm, Cheshire

Langford Farm video preview.

Farmed by John Gate. A lowland grassland farm, 130 Hereford X cows x Blonde bulls, 525 Mule ewes x Texel and Rouge rams. Using accurate records to identify where losses occur, allowing improvements to be made to increase production.

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