The Lancashire and Gt. Man Farmer Network

The aim of the Lancashire and Gt Manchester Farmer Network is to bring farmers together and support them in developing their knowledge and skills, enabling them to keep abreast of new developments in farming and improve the performance of their farming businesses.

Lancashire Farmer Network Map 2014

Meetings are held throughout the year. Times and venues vary and are subject to change but generally each group has one main venue over the winter months, meeting on the same day of each month at the same time.

The Network grew out of the successful farmer groups that were established through the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme (2009-13), after farmers expressed a need for group work to continue in the region.

What does it do for farmer members?

Each group plans and delivers a programme of four meetings each year and membership entitles you to attend meetings of other groups too. Any ideas for topics or speakers can be contributed through your group representative.

The benefit of groups working together in a Network allows access to industry specialists and cost-sharing between groups where possible. Myerscough College will act in a supporting role to provide links to the relevant industry specialists.

How is it run?

The Lancashire and Greater Manchester Farmer Network is led by farmers for farmers.

The management committee is made up of two representatives from each of the existing farmer groups and a chairman elected from the group. The committee members act on behalf of the groups they represent to develop a programme to meet the interests of the group.

Initially Myerscough College are supporting the Network by providing management and administration services and expertise in planning and organising a comprehensive programme of meetings delivered by industry specialists. This includes on-farm demonstration events, farm visits and training sessions.

The AGM takes place every summer and members of the Network will have the opportunity to elect the management committee and chairman.

Your meetings, your choice...

The topics and speakers are down to you. If there is something that you want to learn more about speak to your group’s committee member.

At present the Lancashire and Greater Manchester Farmer Network is made up of six farmer groups:

  • Blackburn and Darwen
  • Burnley and Pendle
  • North Lancs Beef and Sheep
  • Stockport
  • South Pennines
  • South West Lancs

If there is not an existing group in your locality please let us know and if there is sufficient interest we will support new groups in an area to become established.


How much is it to join?

£60 per person for 12 months membership or £90 per business for more than one person to attend meetings.

(Four evening meetings per group per year held in the winter months, with additional farm walks in the summer months).


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Tel: Michelle Fare
01995 642206
Gary Davies
Group Representatives:
Burnley & Pendle
Richard Westall
Jonathan Shorrock
Blackburn & Darwen
John Pawson
Diane Mares
Bill Mellor
Mark Cheetham
North Lancs
Sandra Blades
Robin Dean
South Pennines
Gary Davies
Mike Billing
David Hall



Please see the events page for more details about all the group meetings planned

Member feedback...

“Farming is very insular, it is far easier and more beneficial to discuss and question industry experts at the regular group meetings, than trying to read about the different topics in the farming press”.

Gordon Oliver & Mary Hamnett, Stockport

“Seeing and hearing how other people do things, especially on farm visits, gives us the courage to try something different. You read about these new ideas but until you actually see it for yourself you aren’t sure about trying it.”

Matthew Lee & John Evans, Bolton


Case Study

South Pennines Group

 South Pennines Group


Lancashire Farmer Network members are most improved flock award winners


The first summer farm meeting of 2015 - soils with Neville Pearson