Cheshire Solar PV Group learn about the minefield of exporting to the grid

Friday 14 September 2012
Cheshire Solar PV Group learn about the minefield of exporting to the grid

A number of farming businesses have installed Solar PV or are considering installing Solar PV.  The installation and grid connection for Solar PV is somewhat straight forward.  However, registration for the FIT tariff returns and the registration for electricity for export is a minefield. 

In Cheshire a group of farmers looked at this in a little more detail this month at a meeting held at Holmes Chapel supported by Reaseheath College and the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme.

Plain Farmers - solar panelsThe minefield associated with the exporting of electricity applies particularly to those of Solar PV systems of over 30kw. To assist the Solar PV group with their planning and registration James Miles – Hobbs, from Devon, was invited to give a talk followed by a Q & A session on the subject.

James manages a specialist consultancy on alternative energy, with over 36 Solar PV systems in the South West under his control who are in the process of forming themselves into a solar PV marketing co-operative.  It is hoped it may-be possible to form a splinter group here in the North West, who would be able to benefit by being registered as co-operative members.

James confirmed there are three separate groups involved in the Solar PV management:-

  1. To register for the FIT tariff
  2. To register for the Export return
  3. To register for the Meter

All three groups are different and you do not have to register for all three with one company.  You do require to use your MPAN number which all users of electric have on their invoice.

To export electric you need to consider the following:-



You will need to undertake the calculations.

James Miles Hobbs has now set up, and agreed, a transaction with Good Energy to install half hour metering for:-

This is a most competitive costing.

Also James has then been able to export the electric for a benefit of between 1p and 2p per unit (over the base 4.5p / unit) through Good energy.

The solar PV Group are keen to access this benefit.

Good Energy

Manage Green & Renewable Energy

Purchase Export Electric at a premium

All members attending were most impressed with James Miles Hobbs and his understanding of Solar PV.  They are looking forward to working with him in the future, accessing his contacts to:-


LESC                Levy Exemption Certificate

REGOS             Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Scheme

CCL                  Climate Change Levy

WC                  Whole Current under 70KVA

CT                    Current Transfer over 70KVA


                        A KVA is 0.85kw

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