Request for help with TB research project

Wednesday 09 December 2015
Request for help with TB research project

Jess Phoenix is a PhD researcher in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University.


Jess has been a member of the Lancs/Cumbria TB Eradication Group for the last year and ran a workshop in June with members of the group regarding how we evaluate science on bovine tuberculosis (bTB). Her interest in bTB stems from her upbringing on a farm in Lincolnshire and she has been researching bTB from a sociological perspective for five years. Her PhD research involves case studies with vets/farmers/rural communities/ badger groups in a badger cull area, badger vaccination area, edge area and low risk area to formulate information to put into policy. She is looking for farmers to participate in this research and would like the opportunity to come out onto farm and work with you to observe a bTB test if possible and talk with you about your experiences of managing bTB.


A full information sheet concerning these aspects of the research can be found here. This research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which has no commercial interests. The ESRC funds sociological research that aims to understand how society works and how it is changing.


If you would like to participate in an interview or take part in a case study, please contact Jess on the details below. Your involvement in this research is completely voluntary. 


Jess Phoenix

Doctoral research student

Department of Sociology, Lancaster University


T: @JessPhoenix

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