Plans, Audits and Grants - New Options

Tuesday 08 May 2012
Plans, Audits and Grants - New Options

SAC and Promar get Defra go ahead on Planning Reviews and Repeat Visits before next grants round opens May 22nd. Full details, with links to the RDPE Network where all info on Round Two of the FFIS grant can be found, are now posted on the grants page of this site. Notification has also been sent by email to individuals regsitered with this site. 

New animal health planning options available now!

Two important changes to the on-farm health planning element of the Livestock Programme have recently been agreed by Defra.

1. Farms which have completed the health planning process can now sign up again for a Heath Planning Review. This is a requirement for farms in the North West if the business wants to apply for a Defra FFIS grant at the next round (opening in early May 2012 and closing early July - keep an eye on - exact date of announcement not known) and over 12 months has elapsed since the original health planning delivery was completed. However, it is also an opportunity for any farm to have the farm vet and adviser review the original actions and set new ones in line with current health planning priorities on farm.

A Health Planning Review costs £80 and the benefits for each farm include a joint visit from the vet and technical adviser, a new budget of £125 for testing and an action plan update and financial benefits assessment (both required as evidence to support an FFIS grant application).

2. Any farm business can sign up and get the benefits of health planning in the context of Johne’s disease or BVD. These diseases have been identified by the livestock sector as priority areas of animal health and welfare in the North West. For a cost of £160, any farm business can access £250 worth of sample analysis and a support programme delivered by the farm vet and a technical adviser using MyHealthyHerd on-line health planning software.

This will help to establish the presence and prevalence of the disease on the farm and set up a bespoke control and management plan. This benefit is available to all farms in the North West even if they have already completed on-farm health planning under the RDPE Northwest Livestock Programme. Defra have also agreed that the offer of on-farm health planning to all farm businesses in the North West through the Livestock Programme will be extended until 31st July 2013.

For further details, or to sign up for any of these health planning options, please contact SAC's helpline Tel: 0845 6040535

Update on Nutrient Management Plans and Resource Efficiency Audits

Just like the animal health planning delivered by SAC, Promar has also revised Nutrient Management Plans and Resource Audits.

Farmers have the opportunity to apply for up to £25,000 in grant funding under the FFIS (Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme) grant. Defra has provided confirmation that if a farmer wishes to apply for any items under the FFIS grant in the North West, there is a requirement to submit an accompanying Northwest Livestock Programme Nutrient Management Plan or Resource Audit with their application pack. And just like animal health, the report must not be more than 12 months old on the date the new FFIS grant application is submitted.

The Livestock Programme has been running since 2009, so there will be many farmers whose original report falls outside the Defra timing requirements, but may wish to apply for items under the FFIS grant. As a result, Promar are offering a Repeat Visit for those farmers who have previously completed either a Nutrient Management Plan and/or a Resource Efficiency Audit which falls outside of Defra’s timing requirements.

The Repeat Visit will include a short review of the farm’s performance since the previous visit whilst offering updated recommendations for continuous farm improvement. The visit will also provide specific details on projects which are now required to be included on the new FFIS grant application form. Please note: soil samples are not included in the Repeat Visits. It is one Repeat Visit per plan.

There is a one off fee of £75 + VAT for each repeat visit (includes an additional report which can be used for FFIS grant submission).

If you wish to register for a Repeat Visit please call Promar on 01270 616 800.

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