New CFE Seed Offer – help pollinators, bats and owls on the farm

Wednesday 15 July 2015
New CFE Seed Offer – help pollinators, bats and owls on the farm

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment is pleased to announce a new seed mix offer which will be available to farmers from the 13th July 2015, to mark the beginning of Pollinator Awareness Week.   Limagrain UK, working in partnership with BASF, have produced the Field Margin Mix, designed as a long-lasting flower-rich seed mix which will deliver resources for pollinators and other invertebrates whilst fitting in with productive farming.


Martin Titley of Limagrain says: “We are very pleased to be involved in this offer.  The mix will support pollinators, beneficial insects and other invertebrates and will therefore benefit a range of other wildlife as well, from small mammals and ground-nesting birds to bats and barn owls.  It is an enduring mix which will work well for the farm business. We hope that farmers see this mix as a great way to merge productive and profitable farming with environmental measures that really deliver for farm wildlife.”


Graham Hartwell of BASF says: “The mix is designed for use on those less productive strips and blocks along field edges which will always be marginal land. The Field Margin Mix benefits farmers as well as wildlife; it can be used within CAP greening as a fallow Ecological Focus Area or part of a buffer strip, and it can also help with the new cross-compliance dates for hedgerow cutting, giving access later in the year for effective hedgerow management. The Field Margin Mix provides long-term food sources and habitat for pollinators without affecting the profitability of the farm.”


Jim Egan, CFE Delivery & Communications Group Chair, welcomed the offer, saying: “It’s great to have Limagrain and BASF on board.  This initiative builds on and complements the fantastic work that has already been achieved by farmers and growers who took up the Syngenta Operation Pollinator and Kings seed mixes, which will continue to be offered. The Field Margin Mix works well for the farm business as well as providing for farm wildlife.  Measures for supporting pollinators are especially important to the CFE, as increasing pollinator populations on farm and enhancing their habitats is essential to sustainable farming in the future.”


If you are interested in supporting CFE and pollinators you can find out more by visiting the CFE website.

Vouchers for the Field Margin Mix will be available at the CLA Game Fair at Limagrain stand (Stand number F634) on 31 July – 2 August.  

Any further enquiries regarding the offer, please contact the CFE directly at

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