Government launch TB consultation

Thursday 03 September 2015
Government launch TB consultation

The government has finally launched their long awaited consultation on new measures to help tackle bovine TB in England.

The new proposals include:


  1. Proposed enhancements to TB controls in cattle, including a proposal for statutory post-movement testing of cattle entering the Low Risk Area of England. This new policy would not apply to cattle slaughtered within 120 days of arrival at the destination herd in the LRA and a small number of other post-movement testing exemptions are also proposed.
  2. Consultation on guidance to Natural England on licences to control the risk of bovine tuberculous from badgers.
  3. Call for views on Bovine TB in non-bovine farmed animals such as pigs, goats, and deer.


Also included in the cattle controls consultation are a proposal to phase out Exempt Finishing Units in the LRA, a proposal to reduce TB risks from Approved Finishing Units, a call for views on options for reducing TB risks from sales of cattle from four-yearly tested herds and a call for views on the case for enhanced TB surveillance in additional counties in the Edge Area.


To view the consultations in full visit


The consultation runs until the 23rd October.

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