Fluke awareness meeting at Ulverston Auction attracts 65 farmers

Tuesday 26 February 2013
Fluke awareness meeting at Ulverston Auction attracts 65 farmers

Rick Browne from Browne and McKinney vet practice in Broughton gave a presentation on Liver Fluke at Ulverston Auction in February. He discussed:

Better Returns from Controlling Liver FlukeGUIDANCE ON LIVERFLUKE FROM EBLEX (click here or on the picture) >>

Rick discussed how he had seen an increase in the cases of fluke seen this season and his concerns about the effectiveness of treating it. He stressed to farmers the importance of establishing whether or not their own method of treatment is in fact working. He encouraged farmers to study the times of treatment and the products used and to carry out testing and post mortems to establish the extent of the problem on each individual’s farm.

He also encouraged farmers to work with their vets and offered to post mortem anyone’s stock to try to establish the extent of the problem in the area.

Mark Duerden from Dawn Duerden Abattoir gave a talk on how the abattoir has seen a dramatic increase in the number of condemned livers going through the abattoir over the past three to four years and gave insight to the farmers on how this impacts on them due to the cost of having to have the livers sent for rendering as opposed to selling them for consumption. He also explained that the farmer incurred a greater cost to finish cattle suffering from fluke infestation as they put on weight much more slowly and didn’t do as well.

Both Rick and Mark brought in a selection of livers in varying stages of infection from both cattle and sheep. The farmers were able to look at these and ask questions of both Rick and Mark. Farmers were asked to complete a questionnaire on their own experience of fluke.

Pharmaceutical companies present were Jonathan Reay from Pfizer and Nick Pledge and Sarah Franklin from Norbrook Farmers were given time to talk to the Pharmaceutical companies.

Alisdare Bruce, auctioneer from Ulverston Mart gave the Mart's viewpoint. Catering was provided by Emma Potter from the Mart café.

Feedback forms indicated that farmers found the event worthwhile.

The Farmer Network will be repeating this meeting at Wigton Auction on Wednesday, March 6th CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS >>

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